Hybrids. They’re those little cars on the road, usually Priuses, that people buy when they don’t need much space or much get-up-and-go. At most they’re sedans like the Toyota Camry Hybrid that looks like your average car and certainly doesn’t turn any heads.

Oh, wait. Scratch that. Hybrids can be incredible street machines that will have everyone looking your way, and our 2014 BMW i8 Hybrid proves it time and time again. Why are people interested in it?

The Performance

Well, first of all, look at it. It’s an incredibly sleek car, not to mention one that’s quite rare. It’s truly a supercar, reaching 60mph in 3.8 seconds and 100mph in under 10 seconds. Top speed is 155, but please don’t attempt it!

Drive the Distance

While Tesla rental is a lot of fun, you have to seek out special charging stations. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you know exactly where they are, and you can go 200 miles between recharges. But it is something to consider when renting a Tesla.

On the other hand, most gasoline-powered exotics get low miles-per-gallon, meaning that you’ll be stopping by standard gas stations more often. And while it’s fun to turn heads in an exotic, you don’t want to be stuck at the gas station for half an hour as people want to take a look inside.

That’s why the BMW i8 hybrid is the perfect solution. Because it’s a hybrid, you’re going to be getting around 78 mpg, meaning you can breeze past gas stations.

The Doors

If you rent a Tesla Model X, you’ll get to experience the fun of gull-wing doors so that you can pretend you’re in a Delorean and recreate scenes from Back to the Future. (Of course, the Model X beats the Delorean’s 0-60 time by seven full seconds). But if gull-wing doors aren’t you’re thing, how about scissor doors, aka butterfly doors? While opening the doors of a gull-wing might hit the valet in the face, the scissor doors of our BMW i8 will slide up effortlessly so that you can arrive in style.

The Fun

So, let’s go over some of the other reasons that people love renting the i8.

  • Heads up display – When you’re having such fun driving, you don’t want to take your eyes off the road. This safety feature displays a readout on your windshield so that you can always keep your eyes up.
  • 357 horsepower with 420 foot-pounds.
  • 6-speed automatic with Overdrive and auto-manual shifting mode
  • Front camera and back-up camera
  • Intercooled Turbo Gas/Electric I-3

The fact is, whether you’re looking for an exotic rental or are more interested in renting a Tesla, you’re going to get to drive an amazing car when you’re in Boston. Love to rent supercars but can’t decide which to rent? Just rent one the first time you’re here and rent another when you’re back.

Hey, let’s admit it, we’re all going to be buying Teslas before long, so go ahead and rent the BMW i8, because you might not get another chance. Find out more about it right here.