tesla 2You might wonder why someone would get into the business of Tesla rental? After all, Teslas are expensive cars…are there really enough people out there interested in driving one that we’ll need 
four Teslas by the end of summer?

The reason we’ve decided to go with Teslas is that we believe in them, both as a car and as a company. Here’s why we’re so excited about our cars every time we get into one of them, whether to deliver your Tesla rental car or to pick you up and chauffeur you around Boston.

Teslas Are Environmentally Friendly

We’re dedicated to the environment, and there’s no better way to show that than to drive an electric vehicle. Teslas are all-electric vehicles, so they’re never burning gasoline.

Now it’s true that the electricity has to come from somewhere, and that often comes from burning coal. But sequestering the carbon emissions at a coal plant is exponentially more efficient than trying to reduce the emissions from a gasoline engine. Teslas are much more Earth-friendly than either gasoline or hybrid cars.

Teslas Hold Their Own

When you drive a Tesla, you realize that it was built by people who love performance as much as they love the environment. Teslas were built to prove to the world that an electric car can be exciting, and it delivers every time. Our Model S can go from 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds, which is on par (or in many cases better) than most sports car out there. They handle extremely well, and they constantly get the highest crash test ratings awarded to any vehicle

Teslas Are Hard to Come By

Whenever a new Tesla comes to market, there’s always a waiting list. Teslas are in high demand, and we like the business of being able to provide them people who want to rent a Tesla in Boston. We’re also happy to be getting more and more people excited in the idea of electric cars.

We love Teslas because they’re the perfect vehicle for those who love performance cars and love the planet. Whether you’re looking to rent a Tesla or hire us to drive you around in one, contact GSD Rides today!