wuCTygJDTQCyvHbgkP8QnA.1440x700Every time we have someone rent a Tesla or pick them up so that we can chauffeur them to the airport, we love the look on their faces when they first see the vehicle. But who are these people? Why would someone rent a Tesla when they could just as easily rent a gasoline-powered Ford Focus? From what we’ve seen, there are four basic types of people who are looking for Tesla rental.


Those Who Want to Help the Environment

Teslas are one of the most Earth-friendly vehicles on the market because they’re all-electric. They will never burn a drop of gasoline because there’s no gas tank! Any energy that is used comes directly from the power grid, which in Boston is a mixture of energy sources such carbon-sequestered coal, natural gas, and solar.

Those Who Seek Performance

Some people will rent a sports car when they need to get around, but those supercars are seldom the most energy-efficient models out there. In fact, most of them are gas-guzzlers. The great thing about Teslas is that they perform better than most street-legal sports cars while being energy-efficient at the same time. How well do they perform? How does zero-to-sixty in under four seconds sound?

Taking a Tesla Test Drive

Some of our customers are curious to find out if an all-electric car is for them. The problem is, Teslas can be hard to get ahold of, and test drives at a dealership won’t last for more than an hour. The best thing to do is rent a Tesla from us so that you can discover just how amazing driving one can be.

tesla 3Arrive in Style

Whether you go with Tesla rental and drive yourself or have us chauffeur you to your destination, you’ll be arriving in ultimate style when you show up in a Tesla. Sometimes you just need to show off, and you’ll get noticed when you open the door of this all-electric supercar.

No matter your reasons for renting a Tesla, you’ll have a great time in this luxurious vehicle. Contact us today to book your time with our cars!