Rent a Tesla Model S in blue.You know what, renting the coolest car in the world is a lot of fun. When you rent a Tesla from us, it’s not likely that you’ll just drive it home and leave it in your driveway all weekend. You’ve got plans, right?

Or do you? Maybe you’re not quite sure what you’ll be doing with your Tesla rental after you take temporary possession of it. If you don’t have any specific plans, we’ve got a few suggestions.

Give Your Friends Rides

Out of the blue you’ll be offering to drive your friends to Logan. You can freely ask if they want to be dropped off downtown. Need a pickup from the stadium? Sure!

All of this because you probably won’t want to get out of this amazing luxury car!

Take A Sunday Drive

There’s a reason the phrase “Sunday drive” exists…people used to go on long drives just to get out and enjoy the roads! Sunday drives have gone away as gas has gotten more expensive and the environmental impact of internal combustion engines has become more obvious.

So we have to ask: when’s the last time you went on a Sunday drive and didn’t have to feel guilty that you were burning gas? With a Tesla, you’ll be able to.

Go On A Date

tesla rental 1This would be an excellent opportunity to pull up in front of your date’s house. Now it probably won’t stay a secret that it’s a Tesla rental and you don’t own it, but it will most-certainly be an amazing conversation starter. Read through all of our blogs so that you have some interesting facts to relate.

What’s that? You’re married? Then take your spouse to dinner and a movie in style! If you’re using the rental as an extended Tesla test drive, this would be a great way to convince your spouse that a Tesla is right for you and your family.

Renting a Tesla is a great experience, and we’re sure you’ll be able to fill your time with it. Check out our Tesla rental page right here to get the process started.