Over and over again we’ve told you about how excellent our service is here at GSD Rides, and we’ve tooted the horn of our Teslas quite a few times; we simply love driving them and think they’re amazing vehicles. So, even though we could write another blog about how amazing they are, we figured we would take some time to let our customers tell you how they feel about our Tesla rental service and the cars themselves.

(To make these reviews easier to understand, it will help you to know that Nathaniel and Michael are the guys who will be dropping off your Tesla rental to you.)

“Nathaniel was punctual and extremely pleasant to deal with. Car was immaculate and exceeded all expectations. Highly recommended.”

Douglas H. – November 13, 2016

Thanks for letting us know about your experience, Douglas. Though we’re a small company, we do absolutely everything we can to keep our cars in the best possible condition. We know that renting a Tesla means renting a luxury car, and we want you to get that top-quality experience every time.

“Everything was awesome! Nathaniel was punctual, professional and personable… Car was delivered on time looking mint!!! I’m a repeat customer for sure!!!”

John S. – October 3, 2016

Hey John, so glad you were happy with Nathaniel’s service. We certainly try to be as friendly as possible every time we drop off one of our rental cars. We’re happy everything came together so that you’ll rent a Tesla from us next time you’re in Boston.

“This was an excellent experience. GSD is extremely responsive, very professional, delivered the car super clean and fully charged. The car itself is a dream. Unforgettable experience!”

Rob N. – September 5, 2016

Thanks for writing in, Rob. As you might guess, Tesla rental in Boston isn’t a huge business, even though it’s growing and we’re out in front of it. We’re not a national rental service with thousands of cars, and that means that each of our customers is precious to us. That’s why we have to be “extremely responsive,” as you mentioned, and we’re glad to do it. Why? We’ll be honest, we love dropping off the car because we enjoy seeing everyone’s expressions as they drive off!

Also, we’re certainly going to deliver the Tesla charged up every time. The first thing you do shouldn’t be to have to charge it. The first thing you should do is enjoy it as much as you can.

Thirdly, you mention how unforgettable it was to rent a Tesla from us. You’re not alone, Rob. Electric cars are the way of the future, and many people drive their first electric vehicle when we drop off their Tesla rental. Just as many people can remember the first time they used a cell phone or flew on a plane, your first electric car experience is something that should stay with you for the rest of your life.

“Michael was very helpful when I needed to make several changes to my itinerary. The car was in excellent condition. Whenever I need a car in Boston I will definitely choose Michael’s Tesla’s again.”

James G. – August 21, 2016

Hi James, we’re so glad that we were able to help you out. It sounds like you’re from out of town, which means that you were probably flying in. And we all know that itineraries change when air travel is involved. We’ll do everything we can to make sure that the Tesla is ready and waiting for you when you get in. We look forward to the next time you’re in Boston so that we can see you again.

There you have it…not just our word about how easy it is to rent a Tesla from GSD Rides, but testimonials from some of our verified customers who have had a great experience with our luxury car rentals. If any of your reading this are ready to have the best car rental experience of your life, simply click this link and we’ll treat you right!