Rent a Tesla Model S in blue.It’s possible you’ve driven an electric car before and are interested in renting a Tesla in order to use it as a test drive. That’s fine, we’ve got no problems with that. After all, no matter what electric car you’ve driven before, a Tesla is an upgrade in every way imaginable! Teslas are unique, including their battery pack.

No matter what battery-powered car you’ve driven, you might be interested to know more about the batteries that are in Teslas. Here are some of the more interesting aspects of the batteries you’ll find in a Tesla rental.

There Are A Lot of Them!

In the Model S (one of the Teslas we have for rent) there are 7,104 batteries wired together in 16 modules.  When put together these 16 modules become what is commonly known as the “battery” even though there are technically thousands of individual battery units. Individual units may fail, but the battery as a whole continues to function without any noticeable difference.

They’re Easy To Change

A Tesla battery can be changed (not charged…changed) in 90 seconds. While the ability to do this isn’t important in most circumstance, Tesla has tested a battery swapping service in California. This is useful for people who are driving more than the the 250 range of a Tesla and can’t stop to recharge their battery. In less than the amount of time it takes to fill a gas tank, you can swap batteries and be on your way.

Placement is Key

Tesla batteries are under the floorboards of the car. This leads to a number of advantages you won’t find in other vehicles, including other electric ones.

  • The battery pack is the heaviest part of the vehicle, and keeping it centered evenly between the axles gives the a Tesla an excellent center of gravity, which gives it better lateral acceleration.
  • The better center of gravity helps to prevent rollover.
  • While the Tesla might be heavy, it turns incredibly quickly because the lack of a front engine increases it rotational inertia.
  • The battery pack is very rigid, which increases overall frame stability and makes the passenger compartment more rigid.

They’re Recyclable

tesla rental 1It’s always a good idea to recycle batteries, and the ones in Teslas are no exception. Of course, you can’t just reach in, pull out the bad one, and take it to your local recycling center. But when the battery pack needs replacing years down the road, our Tesla rental service will be able to have the battery recycled when it needs replacing.

How Are They Charged?

We’re already lucky that Boston gets a good deal of its electricity from cleaner sources than most of the country. This is yet another reason to feel good about charging the batteries in your Tesla rental, as Boston’s electricity comes from a is a mixture natural gas, solar, and carbon-sequestered coal.

Tesla has brought all of this amazing battery technology together to deliver one of the most beautiful, fun-to-drive, and environmentally-friend vehicles ever made. If you want to rent a Tesla, we have three models to choose from. Check them out right here!