In our most recent blogs we’ve told you about the history of Tesla, including the Roadster that started it all. We’ve also written about the two Model S Teslas we have, as well as the 2016 Model X. But where do we go from here? People in Boston love renting Teslas because they’re such fast luxury cars, so do we just keep updating the model years and call it good?

Hardly! 2017 brings something new to Tesla rental in Boston, and that’s the Tesla Model 3. Let us tell you a little bit about it.

The Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 will be Tesla Motors’ first foray into small vehicles for the mass market. The 3 is a four door compact luxury sedan designed to seat five adults comfortably. Like previous Teslas, it will get at least 200 miles per charge.

The Price

The Tesla Model 3 will be Tesla Motors first foray into the mass market. While previous Tesla models started out of most people’s price ranges, the Model 3 starts at $35,000, around half of a Model 3. (That’s the price before any government incentives.)

The Announcement

The Model 3 was announced in 2013, and the prototype showing the design was unveiled on March 31, 2016. This was the same day as…

The Preorder

On March 31, 2016, tens of thousands of people lined up across the country to preorder their Tesla Model 3. On that day each of them put down a $1,000 deposit for the vehicles. Within four days, 276,000 reservations had been taken, and as of November 2016 there have been more than 400,000 reservations made for the vehicle. That represents approximately $16,000,000,000 (16 billion dollars!) in sales for the Model 3 once they are all delivered.

The Battery

The battery of a particular Tesla determines how fast it can accelerate. The base model of the Model 3 will be able to accelerate from 0-60 in under six seconds, incredibly fast by most standards. Still, upgrades to the battery are available that will allow it to reach Ludicrous Mode as seen in the most recent Model S and Model X. And speaking of S and X…

The Little Joke

The Model 3 was originally going to be called the Model E, joining the Model S and X so that the first three Teslas would spell out “sex,” but another automaker copyrighted the Model E name first and Musk’s little joke was ruined.

The worst thing about the Model 3? The wait! Tesla is pretty good about release dates, but it isn’t scheduled to be released until late 2017. GSD Rides has one on order so that our customers can experience what’s sure to be an amazing vehicle. Of course, you certainly don’t have to wait to rent a Tesla here in Massachusetts. You can rent our 2013 Model S here, our 2016 Model S here, or our 2016 Model X right here. Taking a ride in these wonderful vehicles for a while can get you ready for that Model 3 that might be in your future!