Rent this 2013 Tesla Model S from GSD Rides of Boston.

We’ve talked a lot about Tesla Motors in general and the benefits you’ll get from driving their vehicles. But we haven’t talked much about the individual cars themselves. In the next few weeks we’ll be letting you know a bit more about the Teslas you can rent here in Boston from GSD Rides. This week you’ll learn about our 2013 Tesla Model S P85+.

It’s An Award Winner

We mentioned it recently, but it bears repeating. The 2013 Tesla Model S was Motor Trend’s 2013 Car Of The Year. Not just among electrics, hybrids, or other energy-efficient vehicles…among all vehicles, period. Car people love the Model S!

Seating For Seven

As much as the Tesla Model S is a supercar, it’s also a sedan. But Tesla doesn’t do anything halfway, so you can seat seven in this car…it’s a super-sedan! Five adults can sit up front, and two young teens or children can sit in the rear-facing seats in the back. Is that safe? Well…


The Model S has received a five-star NHTSA collision rating, the highest rating you can get.

It’s Even More Affordable

rent-a-tesla-1Wherever you go, people will notice a Tesla. They’re not going to care whether it’s a couple of years old, because a Tesla is already from the future! When you rent our 2013 Tesla, you’re getting an amazing, well-kept car that’s a thrill to drive. You can rent it for $175 for a day, but if you take it for a month that price goes down to just $131 a day (as of October 2016; prices subject to change).

When you’re ready to rent a Tesla for a great price, this is the one you’re looking for in Boston. Get the process started right here!