wuCTygJDTQCyvHbgkP8QnA.1440x700We love our Teslas, no doubt about that. They’re amazing, earth-friendly vehicles that we love to drive as often as we can. But as familiar as the basics will be once you get into your Tesla rental  — the steering wheel, the gas pedal, the gear shift — there are a few things that that you should know before you head out on the road to impress all of your friends.


For an electric car, the Tesla’s range is very respectable. In fact, it can go as many miles on one charge as some cars can on a tank of gas. The one difference is that there’s always a gas station at the other end to fill up your gasoline-powered car. For a Tesla, the charging stations are all across the nation, so you can drive across the entire country for free. However, if that’s your plan you’re going to have to make sure that you can always find the next station. We’ll make sure you have the app that can find the next one.


The biggest difference between a gas-powered car and your Tesla rental will be the sound, or in the case of the Tesla, the lack thereof. Electric cars are incredibly silent, so it’s important that you’re very aware of pedestrians. They will be able to see your Tesla coming, but there’s no sound to telegraph your approach.


Testa’s are essentially supercars when it comes to acceleration performance. They can go from 0-60 in under four seconds, which easily beats your average Porsche or souped-up muscle car. You’ll want to be careful with the gas pedal at first so that you’re not blasting through an intersection at the first sign of a green light.

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Rent a Tesla and people are going to notice. Unless you’ve ever driven a lime green Lamborghini around, you don’t realize the kind of attention you’re going to get!

Teslas are different cars, but those differences certainly aren’t a problem once you get accustomed to the drive. We hope you’ll find out soon when you rent a Tesla from us here in Boston.