Rent a Tesla electric car from GSD ridesIn our last blog we talked all about the battery packs and how they fit along the underside of the Teslas we have for rent. The unique design of the Tesla vehicle actually leads to a number of advantages when it comes to the vehicle’s cabin. Here are a few ways that Teslas take further advantage of the extra space.

Seven People In A Sedan

Like most sedans, Tesla sedans (such as the Tesla S that we have for rent) seat five adults. But they also have two extra rear-facing children’s seats (each with five-point harnesses) where the trunk would usually be. This is a great option for families, because it gives the kids in the back their own space, and children are considerably less susceptible to motion sickness than adults are.

But if the kids are taking up the space where the trunk should be, where does your luggage go? Say hello to…

The Frunk

tesla cars boston 2Sure, you’ve see cars with front trunks — the original Volkswagen Beetle, for instance — but then the internal combustion engines have to go back where the trunk should be. Not so with the Tesla! Not only do you get those extra kid seats in the back, you also get a full-size Front Trunk, or frunk. (And the oddest part is that spell-check didn’t try to autocorrect frunk!) Here’s an entire article about the frunk you might enjoy.

The Safety

One of the biggest killers in head-on collisions come from the components that are under the front hood being forced back into the cabin. This includes engines, fans, radiators, traditional car batteries, all of which can be forced into the space that’s holding the driver and passengers. Do away with all of those components that are unnecessary in electric vehicles and you suddenly have a safer car.

Not having a traditional engine is a great advantage that Tesla took full advantage of. Want to see these wonders in person? Schedule your Tesla rental today!