top-banner2Nearly every Christmas there’s a car commercial where there’s a family sitting around the tree, and then the someone is instructed to look outside only to find that there’s a brand new car waiting in the driveway with a huge bow sitting on the hood. Hurray, new car!

Of course, now it’s January and the Super Bowl is coming up. You’re going to see a lot commercials, and there are bound to be a lot of cars. Most of them are gas-guzzling trucks, but there’s sure to be a Tesla ad, right? Wait a second…have you ever seen an advertisement for a Tesla?

No, you haven’t. Tesla doesn’t market. Tesla hasn’t made a single commercial (any that you find are fans of the cars showing off their video skills). Tesla doesn’t take out ads in magazines, not even in the likes of Wired or GQ, the exact type of customer they’re looking to attract. Beyond having a website and a few social media accounts, Tesla doesn’t spend a single dollar on marketing. They spend much less on these in a year than most car brands do on a single commercial.

So, how does all this work? Why are people so interested in buying, or even renting a Tesla? The marketing world has identified many reasons why Tesla simply doesn’t have to market.

They Don’t Need The Marketing

People say that good word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Well, in Tesla Motor’s case, it’s the only type they need! First of all, people are enamored with the idea of Tesla cars, especially the amazing performance they deliver. Second, most people love the idea of electric vehicles and what they can do to help the environment. Third, people recognize electric cars such as Tesla’s as the next logical step in cars, and buying (or renting a Tesla) means that you’re that much closer to the future.

They’re Already Building at Capacity

There are Tesla dealerships with cars in stock, but they have a fast turnover time. They order more from the factory, and the factory is already building cars as fast as they can. Since the factory can only build so many cars, they’ll get a little ahead on Model S’s and then move production over to Model X. Right now much of the production is going into the Model 3, the affordable version that comes out at the end of this year. Why market when your factory is already building at capacity? (Musk has actually admitted that the high prices on Model X and S are in part to subsidize the research on the Model 3.)

There’s Really No Competition

There are other electric vehicles. BMW has one, and there’s the Nissan Leaf. But when you look at those cars, they’re…well, they’re kinda weird looking. And they certainly don’t get the range that 200 miles gets you in a Tesla rental. Teslas are simply a more advanced technology, and while those other electrics have their place, none of them can get seven people around like a Model S.

We suggest renting a Tesla to find out if it’s everything we — and the hundred thousand people who already own them — are right about how amazing they are.