1. Hybrid or Electric — Which Exotic Rental Will You Choose?

    When we started our Tesla rental business, we started out with a single car, the 2013 Tesla Model S. Now we have four cars here in Boston, and the original Model S has been sent to Maui to start our operations down there. Our Boston rentals are getting more eclectic. After all, our company name isn’t called “Boston Tesla Rentals,” it’s called GSD Rides so that we can encompass a greater ra…Read More

  2. How Do Teslas Perform In Winter?

    On behalf of GSD Rides, we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year! In terms of growth for us, it was hard to beat 2016, because we added two new Teslas for rent and have pre-ordered another. People certainly love renting Teslas in Boston, and we’re more than happy to accommodate. Of course, with the new year comes cold and snow, so you might me wondering how well your Tesla rental will do now tha…Read More

  3. What Are People Saying About Our Boston Tesla Rental?

    Over and over again we’ve told you about how excellent our service is here at GSD Rides, and we’ve tooted the horn of our Teslas quite a few times; we simply love driving them and think they’re amazing vehicles. So, even though we could write another blog about how amazing they are, we figured we would take some time to let our customers tell you how they feel about our Tesla rental service …Read More

  4. The Future Of Tesla Rental In Boston: The Tesla Model 3

    In our most recent blogs we’ve told you about the history of Tesla, including the Roadster that started it all. We’ve also written about the two Model S Teslas we have, as well as the 2016 Model X. But where do we go from here? People in Boston love renting Teslas because they’re such fast luxury cars, so do we just keep updating the model years and call it good? Hardly! 2017 brings somethin…Read More

  5. Why Choose The 2016 P90DL Model X?

    In the past two blogs we’ve discussed the two Tesla Model S electric cars we have for rent here in Boston, a 2013 and a 2016. While there were improvements between those year-models, they both have many of the standard features. After all, they’re the same models. But with the 2016 Model X, you’re getting something quite different. The Newest Tesla The Tesla Model X has only been around for …Read More

  6. Take a Longer Look At Our 2016 P90DL Model S Tesla Rental

      In our last blog we talked about our most affordable Tesla rental, our 2013 Tesla Model S P85+. It’s an amazing vehicle, and certainly a steal at that rate. But the only thing that will beat a Tesla is an even newer Tesla, and that’s what we’re offering with our Tesla Model S P90DL. The Standards Just like our 2013, the 2016 Model S seats up to seven people, has a 17” touch screen, and …Read More

  7. Find Out More About Our 2013 Tesla Model S P85

    We’ve talked a lot about Tesla Motors in general and the benefits you’ll get from driving their vehicles. But we haven’t talked much about the individual cars themselves. In the next few weeks we’ll be letting you know a bit more about the Teslas you can rent here in Boston from GSD Rides. This week you’ll learn about our 2013 Tesla Model S P85+. It’s An Award Winner We mentioned it re…Read More

  8. What Will You Do With Your Tesla Rental?

    You know what, renting the coolest car in the world is a lot of fun. When you rent a Tesla from us, it’s not likely that you’ll just drive it home and leave it in your driveway all weekend. You’ve got plans, right? Or do you? Maybe you’re not quite sure what you’ll be doing with your Tesla rental after you take temporary possession of it. If you don’t have any specific plans, we’ve g…Read More

  9. The Environmentally Friendliness Factor of Tesla Rental Can’t Be Ignored

    Let’s put aside for a moment just how amazing Teslas are (they’re legitimate supercars when it comes to acceleration). And let’s ignore the fact that Teslas are some of the nicest looking cars on the market (just look at them!) The fact remains that one of the most appealing aspects of Teslas is that they are so environmentally-friendly. But who’s paying attention? Save Money While Feeling…Read More

  10. A Few Things To Be Aware Of Before You Get Behind the Wheel Of Your Tesla Rental

      We love our Teslas, no doubt about that. They’re amazing, earth-friendly vehicles that we love to drive as often as we can. But as familiar as the basics will be once you get into your Tesla rental  — the steering wheel, the gas pedal, the gear shift — there are a few things that that you should know before you head out on the road to impress all of your friends. Range For an electric ca…Read More