1. More About How Tesla Rentals Work In Cold Weather

    In a recent blog we touched on some of the changes that can occur with a Tesla rental when the temperatures get really cold. What it boils down to is that the Tesla range will be reduced when it gets too cold, and that recharging a cold Tesla takes more planning. After all, we spent dozens of blogs telling you how great Teslas are, so we thought we could spend a couple telling you about a couple o…Read More

  2. Did You See A Tesla Commercial At Christmas? No, You Didn’t

    Nearly every Christmas there’s a car commercial where there’s a family sitting around the tree, and then the someone is instructed to look outside only to find that there’s a brand new car waiting in the driveway with a huge bow sitting on the hood. Hurray, new car! Of course, now it’s January and the Super Bowl is coming up. You’re going to see a lot commercials, and there are bound to …Read More

  3. Even More Fun Facts About Tesla Cars

    Over the course of the last fifteen or so blogs, we’ve revealed quite a lot about Tesla. But the company is so innovative that we’ve barely scratched the surface. While they didn’t invent the electric car (that honor goes to Scottish inventor Robert Anderson, who invented a non-rechargeable carriage in 1832), they already have a very interesting history. Let’s take another look Tesla Motor…Read More

  4. Interesting Features You’ll Notice When You Rent a Tesla

    Renting a Tesla isn’t like renting your average car. Sure, every car is getting more advanced as the years go by, but there are some aspects of a Tesla that are well ahead of your average automobile. Let’s take a look at a few things you’ll notice right away. The Dash Screen At 17” diagonally, Teslas have the largest touchscreen of any car out there. (It’s about the size of the average h…Read More

  5. What To Do When You Don’t Have An Internal Combustion Engine to Deal With

    In our last blog we talked all about the battery packs and how they fit along the underside of the Teslas we have for rent. The unique design of the Tesla vehicle actually leads to a number of advantages when it comes to the vehicle’s cabin. Here are a few ways that Teslas take further advantage of the extra space. Seven People In A Sedan Like most sedans, Tesla sedans (such as the Tesla S that …Read More