It Is About Making A Change

We have all heard it; cars contribute to polluting the Earth’s environment. As fossil fuels burn, it causes immediate and long-term effects that only increase each year as more and more people buy cars. This goes without saying, but the pollution levels in many cities are rising to an all-time high.

We know that we cannot change the world overnight, but we do hope to accelerate the revolution. Giving the innovative opportunity to rent a Tesla.  We choose to enlighten consumers so that they can see that electric cars aren’t the ugly, slow, inefficient, & unpractical cars most manufacturers are putting out.

Sustainability is not about getting rid of what you enjoy; it is about making the move towards a more practical solution based on electricity.

A Push Towards Being Green

We know that we cannot change the world overnight, but we do hope to accelerate the evolution of driving; pushing people towards electric vehicles that can make a difference. By offering Tesla rental, we hope to show people that having an electric car does not mean that you have to give up luxury or performance.

Unlike vehicles that run on gas electric vehicles do not emit any contaminants as they run. No exhaust fumes, no gases, and no solid matter. Using electric power alone, electric cars are making their way into the driving world one green step at a time. Electric cars not only help to save the beautiful environment that we all call home, but they also help you to cut back on the money you’d spend on gas and are far more efficient.

Tesla is unlike any other company. They have publicly released the patents on much of their technology in the hope that other companies can help progress the sustainability of all-electric transportation. Elon Musk once compared it to being on a sinking ship and you had to figure a way to effectively remove the water. The ship will sink if you keep it to yourself, yet by telling others your methods, not only will your ship be saved but the methods you use can be used by others to avert future catastrophe.

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