Drive In Style

What if there was a way that you could rent a sleek, stylish electric car that is all the rage… like maybe a Tesla? Well, hold on tight, because that’s what we offer at GSD Rides! Unlike your regular rental car agency, you can rent a Tesla for your driving enjoyment!

Say goodbye to the days of boring, slow, unattractive vehicles, and hello to an affordable solution that will instantly bring out the Steve McQueen in you.

An Innovative Experience

The innovative driving experience Tesla’s provide cannot be beat. Mind changing experience that making going to back to normal cars boring. We are talking about a hair-in-the-wind, music-up-loud, nothing-can-stop-you sort of day!

We are committed to bring each and every one of our customers in the Boston area. A reliable way that they can enjoy the luxury of a Tesla electric car that they just cannot resist. Our mission is simple: to combine our two passions and run our business with a purpose. We love cars and we love the environment that we all share.

Fun and innovative sustainability; driving doesn’t have to be a boring commute when you drive a Tesla from GSD Rides. Gets yours today!



Renters have informed us of a side effect of renting a Tesla. Renters are known to have the dire urge to purchase a Tesla after renting with us.

Don’t worry Tesla gave us something to help you. $1,000 off your purchase of a Model S or Model X. Just make you order using this link or inform Tesla that you have a referral name.

Who says all side effect are bad.