1. The Environmentally Friendliness Factor of Tesla Rental Can’t Be Ignored

    Let’s put aside for a moment just how amazing Teslas are (they’re legitimate supercars when it comes to acceleration). And let’s ignore the fact that Teslas are some of the nicest looking cars on the market (just look at them!) The fact remains that one of the most appealing aspects of Teslas is that they are so environmentally-friendly. But who’s paying attention? Save Money While Feeling…Read More

  2. A Few Things To Be Aware Of Before You Get Behind the Wheel Of Your Tesla Rental

      We love our Teslas, no doubt about that. They’re amazing, earth-friendly vehicles that we love to drive as often as we can. But as familiar as the basics will be once you get into your Tesla rental  — the steering wheel, the gas pedal, the gear shift — there are a few things that that you should know before you head out on the road to impress all of your friends. Range For an electric ca…Read More

  3. Why Are People Renting Teslas In Boston?

    Every time we have someone rent a Tesla or pick them up so that we can chauffeur them to the airport, we love the look on their faces when they first see the vehicle. But who are these people? Why would someone rent a Tesla when they could just as easily rent a gasoline-powered Ford Focus? From what we’ve seen, there are four basic types of people who are looking for Tesla rental.   Those Who W…Read More

  4. Why GSD Rides For Your Tesla Rental? Because We Believe In What We Offer

    You might wonder why someone would get into the business of Tesla rental? After all, Teslas are expensive cars...are there really enough people out there interested in driving one that we’ll need four Teslas by the end of summer? The reason we’ve decided to go with Teslas is that we believe in them, both as a car and as a company. Here’s why we’re so excited about our cars every time we g…Read More

  5. Welcome To GSD Rides, Your Tesla Rental and Chauffeur Source!

    We’d like to thank you for stopping by the new GSD Rides website. GSD Rides is dedicated to offering the ultimate car rental experience by providing the most amazing electric vehicles on the planet: Teslas. GSD Rides understands that electric cars are the future, and that eventually we will all be riding around in some sort of electric vehicle. We also know that time will get here sooner if peop…Read More