1. Hybrid or Electric — Which Exotic Rental Will You Choose?

    When we started our Tesla rental business, we started out with a single car, the 2013 Tesla Model S. Now we have four cars here in Boston, and the original Model S has been sent to Maui to start our operations down there. Our Boston rentals are getting more eclectic. After all, our company name isn’t called “Boston Tesla Rentals,” it’s called GSD Rides so that we can encompass a greater ra…Read More

  2. Beyond Tesla Rentals: Our Porsche 911 Turbo S X50

    Okay, so we’ve written blog after blog about renting a Tesla in Boston. We’ve told you about how fast they are, how safe they are, and how much fun they are to drive. So, why would you be interested in an exotic car rental after being offered a Tesla, aka “America's exotic”? Why are we catching you looking at our Porsche 911 Turbo? Here are the most common reasons people pick the Porsche, …Read More