GSD Rides doesn’t just stand for Green Share Drive; it also stands for Get Shit Done. Rent a car and save the environment at the same time; if that isn’t getting it done, we don’t know what is!

We are passionate about cars and saving the environment, so why not combine the two and give people an opportunity to step up their driving game and actually enjoy cruising around town with the longest Tesla test drive available? Whether you’re on vacation and simply need to rent a cool car or you’re in the market for a Tesla and want an extended test drive, we have you covered and we promise to GSD just for you. Renting a Tesla hasn’t been an option…until now!

Our Values

Sustainability • Innovation • Integrity • Helping Others • Excellence

These core values are not just words to our team. We strive to align our actions with them in the best way possible. If you have ideas to help us with our vision and mission then please let us know. We would love to hear from you.

Our Mission

A value driven, clean energy and exotic car rental company that bridges the gap between innovation and fun.

Our Vision

The solution for like minded people to enjoy a variety of innovative, sustainable and exotic cars.


GSD Rides wants to provide the most fun, most comfortable, and most environmentally-friendly experience available. Rent a Tesla today!



Renters have informed us of a side effect of renting a Tesla. Renters are known to have the dire urge to purchase a Tesla after renting with us.

Don’t worry Tesla gave us something to help you. Free Credit usable toward Supercharing your Model S or Model X. Just make you order using this link or inform Tesla that you have a referral name.

Who says all side effect are bad.